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Safety components of approved quality


Easy to mount, no maintenance,
long life


No need to reinvent the wheel.

Schaltbau sales engineers have access to a treasure trove of knowledge and experience including a host of realised applications. As a result, you benefit from analogies and empirical data that may be of some value for your application.

Electromechanical components from Schaltbau are particularly suited for industrial applications, where optimal safety at the man-machine interface is paramount. For this reason Schaltbau snap-action switches, contactors and connectors are much in demand as reliable safety components.


Safety for your application

Schaltbau is the first choice for finding a solution that meets the requirements of your safety-related application. Safety components manufactured by Schaltbau are of approved quality, easy to install, require virtually no maintenance and have a long design life. With them you will be able to implement optimal safety with maximum cost-effectiveness.

Snap-action switches

Snap-actions switches from Schaltbau are used as position and limit switches in belt misalignment and pull-wire emergency stop switches, in sheet-fed offset presses and access control systems, but also in X-ray and operating tables where high positional accuracy is required. As safety switches they are an integral part of safety hinges of doors and gates or of interlocked barrier guards designed for the protection of operators and other individuals.


Our M Series connectors are widely used in lighting technology – for ballasts, lamps, lights and spot lights of photo studios, film locations and stages of theatres and opera houses as well as for daylight simulation lamps and tunnel lighting systems that require connectors which are especially suited for use in harsh environments.


Schaltbau industrial contactors are used for controlling motors of textile machinery, air conditioning and assembly lines. You will also find them in UPS systems of telecommunication networks and data centres as well as in battery test stands. Mounted as main contactors in cleaning and sweeping machines, they interrupt the connection to the battery and turn off the machine.