Benefit from the Schaltbau know-how.


Experienced sales engineers work on-site with you.


Cooperation spells success.


Experts are the best consultants.

Schaltbau is a specialist in electromechanical components and customer specific solutions with decades of experience in development and manufacture.

When planning switching circuits for machinery and electrical installations – the rule is: The sooner you obtain our expertise, the more cost-effective will be the solution. Our know-how acquired over decades of developing and manufacturing electromechanical components and customer specific solutions makes us an expert in finding the right solution for our customer.


The expert at your side

Our sales engineers are experienced professionals who closely cooperate with our R&D and design engineers and are perfectly acquainted with all relevant branches of industry. They are bridging the gap between what the customer wants and the engineer designs. Thus we provide our customers with competent expert advice and help them find the right solution to their particular application.

Safety is good advice

  • Record and documentation of all
  • Product specifications Identification of possible problems of the application
  • Project management of new product development
  • Presentation of the proposed solution