3 Possibilities
1 Solution

Finished item from
our product line

Tried and tested special solution with little need of adaptation

Completely new development delivering on customer requirements


Safety components of approved quality

Experience over many decades paired with high expertise in manufacturing connectors, contactors and snap-action switches enables us to respond flexibly to customer needs.

Dependent on your requirements, you can choose between three
possible solutions: A finished item from our product line, a tried and tested special variant with little need of adaptation, or a completely new product developed by us in close cooperation with you.


Snap-action switches, connectors, contactors

  • Snap-action switches for extreme conditions

    With positive opening operation – they are VDE approved and have proven their worth especially in safety-related applications. Their positive opening mechanism guarantees reliable separation of contacts even if they have become welded together due to a short circuit.

  • Enabling switch for pendants of industrial robots

    3 position switch with positive opening operation. It makes contact with the pushbutton held in mid position. In case of emergency the machine stops immediately when the button is either released or pressed all the way down.

  • DC contactors for battery voltages

    They are the easy and economical solution for switching DC currents of 60 A up to 320 A as well as battery voltages up to 80 V. The contactors are equipped with DC coils featuring coil tolerances as required for traction batteries of industrial trucks and other battery-powered vehicles.

  • Compact contactors for voltages up to
    1,000 V

    Notwithstanding its small size, the 1 and 2 pole NO contactors features an extraordinary switching capacity for DC applications up to 1,000 V. Best suited for use in the harsh industrial environment – with an electrical life that is above average.

  • Connectors – rugged and modular

    Universal industrial connectors are designed for safety and reliability in harsh ambient conditions. dustproof and water pressure-tight when mated.

  • Connectors for signal transmission

    The connectors NF series feature a high degree of protection (IP68) and are water tight even when not mated. That is why these connectors operate reliably e.g. in sewer rehab robots. In addition they are especially designed for use in communications engineering.